Language of God

62. Denis Lamoureux | God Meets Us Where We Are

November 12, 2020

Denis Lamoureux didn’t just stumble unto evolutionary creation, though, as he will tell you, there was a great deal of stumbling on his path to get there. In the first part of the conversation he tells the story of faith to atheism, back to young earth creationism, and finally to evolutionary creationism, and how it was the bible, not science, which led him to where he is today. 

His new book, The Bible and Ancient Science: Principles of Interpretation, gives 22 different principles for reading the bible. We focus on a few of those in our conversation, including accommodation, inerrancy, and what he calls, the message incident principle, which is that the most important thing about scripture is the spiritual truths held within. These principles have helped Denis, and now his students, to dig deep into scripture, remain committed to Christ, and also to see to see the beauty of biology. 

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The Bible and Ancient Science: Principles of Interpretation

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