Language of God

93. Christy Hemphill | A Cockatoo Among Kittens

October 14, 2021

For those of us who have worked at BioLogos or spent any time on our forum, the name Christy Hemphill is quite familiar. As a collaborator on the BioLogos school curriculum project, INTEGRATE, and a long-time moderator on the forum, her work has been a blessing in our community. We realized, however, that still far too few of us have heard the poignant insight and testimony she brings to her work with us. On today’s episode, Christy shares with us her experience as a Bible translator working in a remote community in Mexico, the important work she has done with us on INTEGRATE and the Forum, and how her experience homeschooling her kids has helped her navigate faith with her children. 

Watch the viral video of a cockatoo meowing to kittens.

Read Christy's recommendations for how to approach the difficult subject of origins from a gracious perspective.

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