Language of God

22. Adam & Eve

November 7, 2019

Jim Stump is joined by BioLogos president Deb Haarsma to talk about one of the perennial science and faith topics—Adam & Eve. They lay out some of the different perspectives on Adam & Eve and also some of the problems that come along with each perspective, bringing in science where it’s appropriate but also finding that science won’t lead us to definitive answers on many of the questions that arise. 

Because this is a complex topic with many different perspectives, we asked several experts to join us in this episode and to respond to some of the different viewpoints on Adam and Eve. You’ll hear William Lane Craig, Ken Keathley, Anjeanette Roberts, Andrew Torrance and Dennis Venema who each provide their own take on some of these different Adam and Eve perspectives.

We have lots of resources on this topic at our website. Just search “Adam and Eve” in the search bar. Or here’s a couple places you could start:

The Common Question, “Were Adam and Eve Historical Figures?”

Or check out the series by Dennis Venema called “Adam and Eve and Human Population Genetics

Finally, join in a conversation about this episode at the BioLogos Forum

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