Language of God

29. April Maskiewicz Cordero | Teaching in the Tension

January 23, 2020

April Maskiewicz Cordero joins Jim Stump and BioLogos’ Resources Editor, Kathryn Applegate, to discuss what it’s like to teach college biology at a Christian college. She touches on her personal experience with the climate of conflict between science and religion, and how that helps her to meet her students where they are. She shares some stories of students that give her hope and touches on her research that looks at teaching controversial issues like climate change and evolution to Christian students. April and Kathryn also talk about BioLogos INTEGRATE, the high school biology curriculum supplement that they’ve been working on.

April Maskiewicz Cordero, PhD, is a professor of biology at Point Loma Nazarene University. She gave a TEDx talk on evolution and faith and she was featured in “From the Dust,” a BioLogos sponsored documentary. She is also active in several professional development projects with schoolteachers as well as university biology faculty, and was one of four professors coordinating the PLNU/BioLogos Biology by the Sea Christian school teacher program.

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