Language of God

33. Kutter Callaway | Ministry in Theater Five

February 27, 2020

Kutter Callaway started leading youth ministry in Theater 5 with the big screen as a backdrop. Film, music, and art have always been one of his main entries into spirituality and led him to his position as Associate Professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Seminary. 

In this episode, Jim Stump and Kutter Calloway discuss how art and pop-culture have become an underlying meta-narrative for our culture and lens through which we understand our spirituality. They ask the question, how should a Christian participate in this culture of media and technology and art? Kutter proposes that rather than cutting ourselves off from the world, we engage and participate, being aware of where God is present and active.

This episode was made possible in part by the TheoPsych Project, hosted by Fuller Seminary’s office of Science, Theology, and Religion. 

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