Language of God

52. Philip Yancey | Pain and Healing

July 23, 2020

Philip Yancey returns to the podcast to dig deeper into his many years spent traveling and writing with Dr. Paul Brand and learning about the marvel of the human body. What we can learn from the human body—about the importance of pain, about healing and unity—can also be applied to the body of Christ. In doing so, we find relevance with many of today’s issues including the coronavirus and the need for the church to find unity among racial tensions. 

Philip Yancey, author of books like Disappointment with God, The Jesus I Never Knew, and What’s So Amazing About Grace, is one of the best selling Christian authors alive today. His most recent book is an updated collaboration with Dr Brand called Fearfully and Wonderfully: The Marvel of Bearing God’s Image. Yancey lives in Colorado as a freelance writer and avid hiker. 

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