Language of God

Uniquely Unique | Biology

July 29, 2021

When looking for the thing that makes humans unique on this planet, looking at our biology is an obvious first step. In this episode four experts—an anatomist, a geneticist, a paleo-anthropologist and a neurologist—help us look for something about us, in our bodies, cells, or brains, that make us what we are. In the search we end up finding as much continuity with the animal world as we find uniqueness. 

In this new Language of God mini series — Uniquely Unique — Jim is joined by our producer Colin for a deep dive into these questions and more. The quest? To try to come to a better understanding of what it means to be human, to bear the image of God. Along the way, you’ll hear from a variety of experts from a wide range of disciplines, drawing on biology, history, anthropology, philosophy, theology and more to try to make sense of our human identity.

Check our new animated video series including a video exploring what it means to be human. 

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